G & P Cohn : Expert Chandelier Electrification Services

Do you have a beautiful antique chandelier collecting dust?

At G & P Cohn, we specialise in bringing these forgotten treasures back to life with safe and reliable electrification services.

Wall light electrification in the work shop

 Our Expertise Extends Beyond Cleaning & Restoration:

For over 70 years, we've been the trusted choice for electrifying a wide range of antique light fixtures, including:

  • Glass Chandeliers: We can electrify pre-mid 1880s glass chandeliers using discreet methods, from translucent wire to strategic drilling, ensuring minimal impact on the piece's beauty.
  • Oil & Gas Chandeliers: Whether you own an ornate brass gas lamp or a Gothic-style oil chandelier, our extensive experience guarantees a flawless and safe electrification process.
  • Rewiring: We understand that outdated wiring can pose safety hazards. We'll happily rewire your chandelier using the latest materials and standards for peace of mind.
  • US conversions: Moving to the US with a cherished chandelier? We can replace UK components with US-compatible parts, ensuring smooth operation in your new home. View our US Electrification page.
Victorian chandelier electrification at Meols Hall in Lancashire

 Your Chandelier's Safety is Our Priority:

We believe in preserving the historical value of your chandelier. Our experienced team will never recommend modifications that could damage the piece. We prioritise expert advice and offer personalised recommendations based on your specific chandelier and needs.

Chandelier electrification workings

 Let G & P Cohn illuminate your home.

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  • Discover the joy of using your antique chandelier again.
Newly polished brass chandelier arms being electrified

Please call us on 0207 278 3749. email us enquiries@antique-chandeliers.co.uk or use the contact form below to discuss all your chandelier electrification needs ...

Electrification Testimonials

  • Victorian Wall Lights

    I had two antique wall lights wired. The job was done within a couple of days to my full satisfaction. Very friendly, impeccable service!

    Martin Geiger - London

  • Georgian Brass Hall Lantern

    Tucked away in an oft forgotten part of Georgian London, in an industrial building that owes so little to its architecturally-delightful neighbours, is one of the capital’s best kept secrets: a family business made up of craftsmen with skill, courtesy and care − the three magic ingredients. My family Georgian brass hall Lantern had been poorly maintained and under-cleaned for several generations. It was refurbished, re-wired, re-glazed and new "period" Candelabra hand-made − all in the period manner. Complete joy.

    Mr Hugo Peel - Isle of Wight

  • Maria Theresa Chandeliers

    Two inherited chandeliers were repaired, restored to their former glory and installed in my home by G P Cohn. The team was efficient, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. Their workshop is a treasure trove of beautiful objects, silently reassuring you that these are true craftsmen. I wish I had more chandeliers in need of these experts.

    Angela Walther - Hampstead, London