G & P Cohn : UK to US Chandelier Electrification Services

Breathe new life into your treasured chandelier with our expert conversion services!

At G & P Cohn, we understand the challenges of adapting a beautiful UK chandelier for use in the US. Our team of skilled technicians specialise in safely and efficiently converting your chandelier for flawless operation in your American home.

Picture showing some of the tools used

Key Differences Between UK and US Chandelier Electrification:

    • Voltage: The US uses a standard voltage of 120V, while the UK uses 240V. We'll replace the wiring to ensure compatibility with the US voltage.
    • Wiring: UK wiring uses different colored conductors and may have a grounded neutral wire not present in US systems. We'll rewire your chandelier using US-standard color coding and configurations for safety and adherence to local regulations.
    • Sockets and Plugs: The UK uses a different plug and socket system (BS 1363) compared to the US (NEMA). We'll replace incompatible sockets with US-approved counterparts for safe connection.
    • Grounding: Grounding practices might differ slightly. We'll ensure proper grounding of your chandelier to comply with US safety standards.
Picture of different types of wiring

Our Conversion Process:

    1. Free Consultation: Schedule a free consultation to discuss your chandelier and its specific electrification needs.
    2. Thorough Inspection: Our technicians will meticulously inspect your chandelier to identify any existing issues and determine the conversion requirements.
    3. Safe Conversion: Using high-quality materials and adhering to US electrical codes, we'll expertly convert the wiring, sockets, plugs, and any necessary components for US compatibility.
    4. Final Testing: Once the conversion is complete, we'll perform rigorous testing to ensure the chandelier functions flawlessly and adheres to US safety standards.
    5. Peace of Mind: Relax and enjoy your beautifully illuminated chandelier with the confidence of a safe and compliant conversion.
Pictures of arms being electrified

Why Choose G & P Cohn for UK to US Chandelier Conversion?

    • Extensive Expertise: We have over 70 years of experience handling delicate antique chandeliers and ensuring their safe electrification.
    • Meticulous Care: Our team prioritizes the preservation of your chandelier's historical value while performing the conversion.
    • Safety First: We adhere to strict US electrical codes and safety protocols to guarantee a risk-free transition for your prized possession.
    • Seamless Operation: Enjoy the beauty and functionality of your chandelier with a flawless conversion for your US home.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let our specialists guide you through the UK to US chandelier electrification process!

Please call us on 0207 278 3749. email us enquiries@antique-chandeliers.co.uk or use the contact form below to discuss all your chandelier electrification needs ...

Electrification Testimonials

  • Victorian Wall Lights

    I had two antique wall lights wired. The job was done within a couple of days to my full satisfaction. Very friendly, impeccable service!

    Martin Geiger - London

  • Georgian Brass Hall Lantern

    Tucked away in an oft forgotten part of Georgian London, in an industrial building that owes so little to its architecturally-delightful neighbours, is one of the capital’s best kept secrets: a family business made up of craftsmen with skill, courtesy and care − the three magic ingredients. My family Georgian brass hall Lantern had been poorly maintained and under-cleaned for several generations. It was refurbished, re-wired, re-glazed and new "period" Candelabra hand-made − all in the period manner. Complete joy.

    Mr Hugo Peel - Isle of Wight

  • Maria Theresa Chandeliers

    Two inherited chandeliers were repaired, restored to their former glory and installed in my home by G P Cohn. The team was efficient, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. Their workshop is a treasure trove of beautiful objects, silently reassuring you that these are true craftsmen. I wish I had more chandeliers in need of these experts.

    Angela Walther - Hampstead, London