Chandelier Repair and Restoration

 At G & P Cohn we will relish the opportunity to transform a neglected and unloved Chandelier back to its former glory. We have been repairing and restoring Chandeliers since 1954 and our experience has given us the chance to work on a huge variety of Chandeliers, Candelabra, Wall Lights and Lanterns, whether that be repairing a broken glass arm, replacing missing Georgian drops to reshaping brass stem pieces, rest assured that we have the experience to bring your Chandelier back to its original state.

Chandelier parts

Broken and Damaged Chandeliers

Depending on the level of restoration needed we can either transport your item from your residence to our workshop to repair or we can perform on-site fixes. If an on-site restoration is not possible then we will dismantle, pack and carefully transport the Chandelier to our workshop, repair, deliver and rehang in your residence.

Glass arms being repaired


As part of the restoration process we can fully repin the Chandelier and we pride ourselves in providing old-style pinning. This means that the glass hangs in the way it was intended. It is a more labour-intensive process but the results are well worth the effort! It also means that cleaning the Chandelier becomes more managable due to the increased stability of the strings and swags and thus the buttons and drops are less likely to break and fall apart.

Chandelier Restoration of a chandelier in the workshop

Re-wiring & Cleaning

We can also re-wire your exisiting Chandelier. Don't let a beautiful antique light fitting sit in a box because it hasn't been electrified. Visit our electrification service page for more information. After sitting in a box for so many years it's bound to have accumulated a lot of dust, so let us give your Chandelier a total make-over with a good clean that will restore its sparkle and give panache to any room it is hung in. Please see our cleaning service that we also offer.

Restoration of a Church chandelier that was taken down dismantled, polished, lacquered, rewired and then rehung


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can advise on the correct treatment for your chandelier.

Please call us on 0207 278 3749 or email us ...

Restoration Testimonials

  • Large Georgian English brass chandelier

    On behalf of St Mary’s Church Wollaston in Northamptonshire, may I say how delighted we are with the service offered by G & P Cohn who have refurbished our Georgian chandelier and electrified it for us as a part of our Nave reordering project. The chandelier now looks absolutely
    stunning and is a testament to the company’s excellent workmanship. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Jean Rose, Parochial Church Council Secretary - Northamptonshire

  • Swedish Tent and Bag Chandelier

    "Many thanks to Ben and his team at G & P Cohn. They repaired the damage to our vintage chandelier within a short lead time with superb and courteous service! "

    M Lannie - Leicestershire

  • Baccarat Chandelier

    Our lovely Baccarat chandelier took a bit of a knock a while ago. Two arms, and various delicate parts got broken and the electrics stopped working. We were very sad as it is a much loved object.
    After a long time searching for the right person to attempt repair Ben and his team from G & P Cohn Antiques rocked up.

    They were fantastic! Lovely chaps who were a total pleasure to deal
    with. After a site visit we decided they should take it away and work their magic.

    About 3 weeks later it returned. They did their best to find the exact parts to replace, but unfortunately a couple of the exact parts were unavailable, but this was very minor to us. The important arms were an exact match. They rewired it and cleaned it and put it back in place with very little fuss. It looks unbelievable! The cleaning job they did was amazing. It refracts rainbows all over the room and we love it now even more than we did before.

    I thoroughly recommend them.

    James Osborne - London

  • 9 Arm French Chandelier

    Many thanks to G & P Cohn for doing such a great job in restoring our family heirloom. It was a great pleasure to work with a family business who were so considerate and helpful. The result is spectacular and is being much admired in situ.

    Lucy Barnes - London

  • Victorian Chandelier

    I am delighted with the restoration you recently undertook on my Victorian Chandelier. Your service was efficient and courteous and the Chandelier looks gorgeous. I will
    definitely use your services again and will recommend you gladly.

    Polly Wood - Bristol