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12-Arm Gilt & Crystal Chandelier, CA. 1900

12-Arm Gilt & Crystal Chandelier, CA. 1900

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This is a fine example of a copy of an early 19th Century Baltic Chandelier. The very top of this Chandelier has a wonderfully simple spider adorned with buttons and icicles, then down to a larger shower with oval buttons on the drapes.

Its 12 solid ribbed-glass arms are arranged on two tiers, comprising of 8 large S-arms on the lower level, with frosted nozzles and pans, and 4 smaller up-arms on the upper level, with plain nozzles and pans in the van dyke style.

At the bottom of the chains the beautifully detailed brass rim spreads out to a 60cm diameter. As well as the 12 arms there are 8 small brass crooks each finished with a rosette and a 4-sided plaque. There are drapes from arm to arm adorned with unusual oval buttons.

Through the centre of the chandelier 4 cascading blue glass rings span from the top of chandelier to the bottom. Each ring is adorned with delicate glass icicles, pear drops and rosettes.

It would complete a large dining room or sitting room and would nicely complement any décor due to its classic style.

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