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6-Arm Venetian Chandelier, CA. 1930

6-Arm Venetian Chandelier, CA. 1930

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A pretty and substantial olive-green 6-arm Venetian chandelier that dates from the early 20th century.

At the top there are glass tear drops that hang from a floral canopy with beautiful hand-blown petals.

The central column, comprising of bulbous glass stem pieces, one piece having had some damage to it, rests atop a bowl-shaped receiver, and from this hangs a typical Venetian bubble and tear drop. The 6 glass pans are tulip shaped.

The arms are interspersed with ornate spiral crooks, and from the arms and crooks hang more tear drops.

The chandelier has been professionally electrified in our workshop and is fully tested. Its large size would suit a stairwell or any high-ceilinged room.

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